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Share Your Views at Two Drop in Sessions

Surrey County Council has, at very short notice, announced that they will be holding two drop-in sessions on their development proposals for Newlands Corner.

These will be held on:

  • Tuesday 9th February, from 3pm to 7pm, at Albury Village Hall
  • Wednesday 24th February, from 3pm to 6pm at Merrow Village Hall

Please do go along and let SCC and the Surrey Wildlife Trust know what you think of their plans.

They will be showing more detail about the large play trail proposals at these sessions.

If you cannot make it to either session, there is a link to the play trail proposals here and also a link here to a comments page.





SCC Cabinet Meeting of 2nd February 2016

As you are aware the campaign group presented the 9,158 signatures strong petition to the Surrey County Council Cabinet meeting of 2nd February.  Thank you to all of you who were there to support us.  We are in the process of writing a full report of the proceedings and will soon post it here.  In the meantime please find links to three documents of interest below:


The first is the speech given by Sally Blake to formally present the petition and the main points of objection.  We were only permitted three minutes to speak, which is not much time to get the various points across.  We were then not permitted any further questions or comment after the council spoke.   Click here: Speech for the Petition 2-2-16.


The second document contains three public questions raised by Julie Brown, Allen Johnson and Susan Darling.  Click here:  Public Questions to the Cabinet Item 4B


The third is the SCC response to the petition.  Click here:  SCC response to the petition Item 4C


The Surrey Advertiser were present at the meeting and have covered the story in their latest edition.  Just pick up a paper to see the article in full, along with some letters from concerned local residents in the letters section.   Click here to see the link to the article on Get Surrey.




Concerns from the Surrey Dormouse Group

The Committee of the Surrey Dormouse Group has concerns regarding this proposed development of Newlands Corner.  They say that, aside from the destruction of the varied habitat immediately surrounding the current car park area, the planned development at Newlands Corner will have an adverse effect on the dormouse population, both in the short term with work being carried out but also in the long term, specifically with the introduction of the planned play trails and the resulting increased disturbance.  These concerns have now been raised with Surrey County Council and we await their response.

Read the full report from The Surrey Dormouse Group Committee here.

We have made it into the Press with our Protest Meeting!

If you have read our post ‘Protest at Newlands Corner’ and the recent update you will know that lots of us gathered at Newlands on Sunday 24th January to protest at the Surrey County Council proposals.  It was wonderful to see you all!!   Get Surrey have published a news item about it, along with some great photos.  To read the full article and to see the pictures, please click here.

You may have heard about the Save Newlands Corner campaign on BBC Radio Surrey and Eagle Radio.

Our message is getting out there and is gaining more momentum each day!  Please tell everyone about the campaign.

Thank you to everyone for your fantastic support.


Surrey County Council Cabinet Meeting – 2nd February, 2pm – All Are Welcome!

We recently wrote to Surrey Council proposing that our ‘Save Newlands Corner’ Petition be put on the agenda at their next Cabinet meeting.  Our petition has now been supported and signed by 8,832 local residents and we believe that this needs to be properly discussed.  We have been successful and it has now been put on the agenda and the meeting is being held on Tuesday 2 February at 2pm in the Ashcombe Suite at County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2DN.  Sally Blake will be speaking on our behalf at the cabinet meeting. This is a public meeting so everyone can attend. Please do come along if you can and support us in getting our message across to the council!

The questions we put forward to SCC on 17th December 2015 under the Freedom of Information Act have still not been answered.  Rest assured that we are actively chasing the council for a response.



Protest at Newlands Corner – Sunday 24th January – UPDATE

We held a very successful protest on Sunday at Newlands Corner.  It was wonderful to see so many of you coming along to show your dismay at the Surrey County Council Plans.  Thank you to each and every one of you who joined in.  It was wonderful to also hear all the cars passing by sounding their horns in support when they saw our banners and placards.  

It is very clear that the vast majority of people are very concerned about the proposals and do not wish this beautiful area to be commercialised and ruined.  

We will soon post some pictures of the day on this site.  

Get Surrey have published an article about our protest.  Click here to read it.










Plan Showing Proposed New Cafe Size and Position

Please follow this link to see an annotated plan of the position and size of the proposed new cafe.  This also shows the position and size of the existing cafe.




You can now Follow this site so you don’t miss any updates!

We have now added a ‘Follow” button on the site so that you won’t miss any of our updates.  Just look on the right-hand side of your screen at the bottom and you will see the button you need to click.  You will then automatically be added to our notification list for any new or amended information.  Notifications will come in via email.





Eagle Radio Coverage

Eagle radio have been giving us fantastic coverage all day today (22nd January). Many of you have looked at our web site and also signed the petition to try and stop the parking charges and HUGE cafe being built in the middle of the wonderful view!   To see the full Eagle radio story just follow THIS LINK.





Sunday at Newlands Corner

Last Sunday a group of us spent the afternoon distributing leaflets and talking with visitors to Newlands Corner.  The vast majority of people we spoke with either did not know anything at all about the proposals or thought they just covered new parking charges.

When we explained that the Phase 2 proposal is to site a large new cafe/visitor centre/shopping area at the front of the parking area blocking the view, the reaction was one of shock and concern.  Equal concern was voiced about the introduction of artificial trails.  Almost without exception the reactions to these proposed changes were highly critical and negative.

This confirmed our view that Surrey County Council have not adequately communicated their proposals with those who use the site or asked us what we think!

A big thank you goes to all of you who took the time to talk with us on Sunday.

We intend to repeat this leafletting day again in a few weeks to further share the proposals that Surrey County Council are making.

We are still pressing SCC to give us detailed information on the plans.  So far nothing has been forthcoming.

Petition Against the Proposals

There is a petition against these proposals on on  The petition has reached over 9,500 signatures and has shown Surrey County Countil the depth of feeling against the proposals!

The Surrey Advertiser has carried multiple articles about our campaign over the recent weeks.  There has been great radio coverage both on Eagle Radio and BBC Radio Surrey.

To read full details of these, just look at the ‘In the Press’ section on the right of the web site.




New Cafe and Play Trails Proposals

If you follow the link below you will see a document showing a plan for a Cafe on the Newlands Corner site.  NEWLANDS CORNER CAFE PLAN

You can see that this will not be where the current café is positioned but in the front of the parking area, therefore, spreading onto the grass area in front.  When visitors arrive they will be faced with a view of a coach park and the back of the cafe instead of the wonderful views of the countryside!  There are also plans to add 5 trails throughout the area one of which is a play trail.

Surrey County Council based their approval on a Cabinet meeting of 27th December 2015.  You can read a report of the meeting by following the link below.  There is no mention of the ancient yew trees, protection of wildlife and plants, effect on road safety, the effect on local car parks/parking areas or the adverse effect on the health of those people who cannot afford the new parking charges.




New Parking Charges

Surrey County Council have announced that from Spring 2016 there will be parking charges levied when we park at Newlands Corner.  There are conflicting reports of exactly what these charges will be.  A new sign at Newlands Corner says that the first 20 minutes will be free-of-charge, followed by £1 per hour, with a maximum charge of £4.  However, we have seen documents that contradict this.

We are attempting to gain clarification on various points relating to these new charges.  These include detail from visitor surveys that have apparently been undertaken; confirmation of when charges were apparently previously levied for parking at Newlands and also what exactly the charging levels will be.



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