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November 2019

Countryside Car Park Charges – SUCCESS !!

We are so very pleased to confirm that, at the Surrey County Council Cabinet meeting this afternoon, approval was given to the removal of the parking charges in the Surrey Countryside Estate from 1 April 2020.

It was accepted that the scheme had not been a financial success, it had also deterred residents, and that times have changed with a new emphasis on health and well being.

The Council will remove parking charges at Newlands Corner, and it is hoped the landowner, Albury Estate, will then keep the site free to access.  The Council will also remove charges at the sites it owns – Norbury Park, and Chobham, Ockham, Rodborough Commons, and Whitmoor Common where the charges had not yet started.

The Council said it wants to ensure the countryside is accessible to all, and there is a genuine desire to promote the health and well being of residents. It wants people to come back and enjoy the countryside.

The Council also agreed to develop proposals for the introduction of a voluntary payment scheme to help towards the costs of managing the countryside and public access.

Thank you so much to all the people who have helped to achieve this result. 

Thank you also to Surrey County Council for a forward-looking decision.


Click here to read the policy paper agreed by the Cabinet.



Good News! – Review of Charges for Parking in Countryside Estate Car Parks – 26th November 2019

The Surrey County Council policy proposal for the Cabinet meeting on 26th November 2019 is recommending that parking charges in the Countryside Estate, including Newlands Corner, cease on 1 April. This is excellent news.  We hope the Cabinet accepts the recommendation.

Please write to your SCC councillor before the 26th and ask them to bring pressure to bear on the Cabinet.

The document does contain a comment about the Albury Estate having the right to charge but we would be hugely surprised if they did.  We feel certain that this is just about ensuring that the Estate’s rights are not undermined by the SCC decision.

We will be certain to let you all know of the outcome from the meeting on 26th November.

Click here to read the proposal:  Review of Charges for Parking in Countryside Estate Car Parks



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