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June 2018

Protect Common Land in England and Wales Block the Legal Loopholes

Please Support our Petition

Protect Common Land in England and Wales Block the Legal Loopholes

We are writing to ask for your help to strengthen the legal protection given by the Commons Act 2006 to registered common land in England and Wales.

Common land is under growing threat from urbanisation and development. Moreover, land owners and managers are ignoring the requirements of the Commons Act and the Planning Inspectorate is powerless to do anything about it. The results are being seen at Newlands Corner, and other commons in Surrey, which are being exploited by Surrey County Council.

Please support our petition to highlight the deficiencies of the legislation and to call for change. 

Our petition is at:

The background note linked here and below, sets out where we consider the Commons Act 2006 needs to change.  We want to draw this to the attention of politicians and government departments

We ask you to forward this link and the background note to colleagues, friends and family.

We want the commons, and the flora and fauna that exist there, to have the full protection of the law.  We believe the vast majority of people want the same.  Our petition seeks to achieve the necessary changes which will protect all registered common land in England and Wales.  We need your help to do this. 

Please sign the petition

Click here to read the Background Notes.



Parking Charge Payment Method.

The group received confirmation from SCC yesterday that, despite what they said to the Planning Inspectorate in their application to erect parking charge infrastructure at Newlands Corner, there will not now be cash payment facilities. Given that in SCC’s own consultation about the other five sites that are being affected, most people wanted cash payment, this is a significant change to the application. There might have been a lot more objections (than the huge 1,400 anyway) to the Newlands Corner proposal as this will effectively prevent some people from using the site. And do you remember SCC promised to refurbish the toilets and the all-ability trail before charges were introduced. Do they ever keep a public promise? (I suppose they did promise to introduce charges…..)

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