As promised in the post of 2nd June 2017, the Save Newlands Corner Campaign Group has produced detailed thoughts on the issues raised by the Surrey County Council Planning Application.

There are three documents (see the links below), which provide:

  • A statement of Save Newlands Corner Campaign Group’s views on Surrey County Council’s proposal for large, artificial play structures in the woodland at Newlands Corner;

Save Newlands Corner Statement

  • The reasons why the Campaign Group will be objecting to these, advice to others about how they can object and what needs to be taken into account.

Please note the 7th July 2017 deadline.

Objections Information PDF Version       Objections Information Word Version

  • A copy of the flyer, which the Campaign Group will be distributing in the Guildford borough area.

Flyer PDF Version        Flyer Word version

Please let family and friends know about them.  If you wish to print copies out, you can also print on both sides of your paper and you end up with two A5 leaflets.

Please don’t let the fact that SCC received approval to place parking charge equipment on the Newlands Corner site deter you from objecting to this proposal.

Every single comment/objection made to The Planning Inspectorate in Bristol is vital for Newlands Corner!