Further to our post of yesterday, we have now documented our concerns over the SCC response to the almost 1400 objections received by the Planning Inspectorate.

To read our document click here.

Click here to read our original post from 18th January 2016 regarding the Surrey County Council (SCC) response to Objections

The Inspectorate has not asked for responses, which it normally does.  It considers it has enough information.  However, if you wish to challenge the letter, the Inspectorate has confirmed that it would accept those letters.   However, it will not accept objections, evidence or comments from anyone who did not object by the original 21 October 2016 deadline.

If you wish to challenge the SCC letter, please send it to:

The Planning Inspectorate, 3F Hawk Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN.  Mr Rob Davis – rob.davis@pins.gsi.gov.uk

APPLICATION REFERENCE COM/3158795 – Commons Act 2006: Section 38.  Application to Construct Restricted Works on Common Land at Albury Downs (known as Newlands Corner), Surrey.