Following last Fridays deadline for objections to the Surrey County Council planning application for Newlands Corner, our campaign group has issued the following press notice to the local media, a copy of which is included below.

This news has now ‘broken’ and, this morning, was headlines in the ‘Get Surrey’ online newspaper – Link to article

We are confident that there will be an article in this week’s Surrey Advertiser.

Further updates to follow on the website.

Planning Inspectorate inundated with objections to council plans for Newlands Corner

A few weeks ago, Surrey County Council applied to the Planning Inspectorate for consent to put parking charge machines at Newlands Corner. This was the Council’s first step to try to gain approval for their highly unpopular plans to commercialise and develop the site.

The deadline for objections was 21 October and the Planning Inspectorate has been inundated with around 1,500 objections – an extraordinarily large number by Planning Inspectorate standards.

These objections have come not only from the people who go to Newlands Corner and love it as it is, but also from parish councils, residents associations and specialist groups.

Sally Blake, coordinator of the Save Newlands Corner campaign group, said:
“I’m delighted at the scale of the objections. People don’t want their favourite beauty spot turned into a ‘visitor attraction’ that they won’t be able to afford. They don’t want this natural site spoiled with parking charge machines, pay-and-display signs in front of the view, or artificial play structures. They want it to be properly maintained and the essential character of Newlands Corner to stay as it is.

We call on Surrey County Council to drop its proposals for Newlands Corner in the face of overwhelming opposition, and to accept that those plans are ill conceived and unwanted.
In the meantime we hope that Surrey County Council will carry out basic maintenance of the site, which is long overdue.”

It will take the Planning Inspectorate a few months to consider all the objections and to reach a decision, and it could go to a Public Inquiry.


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