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September 2016

Action Required NOW to Save Newlands Corner

The deadline for objections to the Surrey County Council Commons Consent application has now passed.  Thank you to everyone for the amazing response. Once we know how many objections have been received or have any further information we will post on this site.  

Thank you!!

You can still view the documents we produced regarding this application.

Click here to read How to Object and What you can say.

Also please remember to personalise your objection slightly.  Mention your emotional attachment to Newlands Corner and why it is important for you and your family.  This will then carry much more weight with the Planning Authorities. 

Thank you!

You will have heard about the significant controversy surrounding Surrey County Council’s (SCC) proposals to develop Newlands Corner.   We need to object to its proposals at every stage to stop this commercialisation.   SCC’s first step is to introduce car park charges and for this it needs to erect parking charge machines on the site.  On 14 September 2016,  SCC submitted an application to the Planning Inspectorate for the introduction of three parking charge machines onto the common.  They need to do this as Newlands Corner is registered common land.

This may not sound like much but the implications of this are very significant.

The Planning Inspector must be shown that this application is inappropriate, would lead to the degradation of Newlands Corner and is deeply unpopular.

Every single objection counts, so please send yours in by 21st October 2016 and encourage others to do the same. 

Please send objections:-  

By email to:

By post to:          The Planning Inspectorate, Commons Team, 3F Temple Quay House, Temple Quay, Bristol. BS1 6PN

The three documents below will give you more detail and some ideas on what to say in your objections.  (They are all in both Word and PDF format).

Action Required Now to Save Newlands Corner – Gives more detail of the situation:

    Action Required – PDF version            Action Required – Word version

Appendix 1 – Gives information about the application and suggests the sort of things you might want to object to:

    Appendix 1 – PDF version                     Appendix 1 – Word version

Appendix 2 – Gives you lots of background and sets out our concerns about all of the proposals:

    Appendix 2 – PDF version                    Appendix 2 – Word version

Planning Information – This document contains further planning background information

   Planning Information




Surrey County Council – Commons Consent Application!

URGENT – We have now heard that the first of Surrey County Council’s Commons Consent applications has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.  This application applies for consent for the parking infrastructure at Newlands Corner.  This is the start of the commercialisation of Newlands Corner! 

Action needs to be taken now and we are in the process of putting together details on how you can object.  We are also finalising plans to give the application much wider publicity.  This will all be completed in the next few days and we will put full information on this website.  Please encourage everyone you know to object!

The links below are to the various application documents.  

Pay and Display Signage Plan

Newlands Corner Proposed Location of Parking Meters

Area Map CL344

Additional Sheet to Application for Consent to Carry Out works on Common Land

Representation Notice

Signed Application

CL344 Register of Common Land

The State of Britain’s Dormice and their Newlands Corner Habitat

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species has just issued a report, ‘The State of Britain’s Dormice’, which describes the rapid decline of the hazel dormouse in Britain and says that they are vulnerable to extinction.  Newlands Corner is a known habitat for these shy, endearing creatures.  SCC’s proposals will bring noise, habitat clearance and a 50% increase in vehicle emissions.  Stopping SCC’s proposals will at least give the dormice a fighting chance.

Read more here


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