Dodgy Figures Exposed

Councillor Goodman, leader of the project that wants to commercialise Newlands Corner, has stated, on many occasions, (including to support his business case to the SCC Cabinet), that 122,000 vehicles visit Newlands Corner every year.  Campaigners have challenged these figures consistently, believing them to be far below the reality of the situation.  Now, under the pressure of a Public Question at the Cabinet meeting on 26 April, he finally admitted that Newlands Corner is visited by 255,000 vehicles a year.

Why is this important?  We don’t agree with parking charges at all but if they are to be imposed, this means that they do not need to be anywhere near as high as initially proposed to achieve the amount of money Councillor Goodman wants.  In fact, they should be less than half of what he is proposing.

This is yet another example, in our opinion, of these proposals being put forward on the basis of very questionable statistics and a misplaced ideology.