Surrey County Council (SCC) Cabinet Meeting of 2nd February 2016

Approximately 25 people who are opposed to the SCC/SWT (Surrey Wildlife Trust) proposals for Newlands Corner attended the SCC Cabinet meeting at County Hall on 2nd February 2016. Cabinet is the Surrey County Council 10 member group with executive powers.

The group had requested that the petition be officially presented to the cabinet. This was undertaken by Sally Blake who made a permitted three minute speech, summarising the points of opposition on the petition.

Further questions regarding the proposals had been submitted to the Cabinet by Allen Johnson, Julie Brown and Sue Darling with written responses circulated by SCC just before the meeting. You can find the text of the questions by following this link.

Julie and Sue also asked follow-up questions:

Julie asked whether a week’s notice of the proposed 9th February drop-in session was adequate for a public consultation.

Sue pointed out the negative effect that parking charges would have on those of low income and the elderly and asked the Cabinet to confirm or deny that their policy was to develop the countryside as a revenue stream, including sponsorship at Newlands Corner.