As you are aware the campaign group presented the 9,158 signatures strong petition to the Surrey County Council Cabinet meeting of 2nd February.  Thank you to all of you who were there to support us.  We are in the process of writing a full report of the proceedings and will soon post it here.  In the meantime please find links to three documents of interest below:


The first is the speech given by Sally Blake to formally present the petition and the main points of objection.  We were only permitted three minutes to speak, which is not much time to get the various points across.  We were then not permitted any further questions or comment after the council spoke.   Click here: Speech for the Petition 2-2-16.


The second document contains three public questions raised by Julie Brown, Allen Johnson and Susan Darling.  Click here:  Public Questions to the Cabinet Item 4B


The third is the SCC response to the petition.  Click here:  SCC response to the petition Item 4C


The Surrey Advertiser were present at the meeting and have covered the story in their latest edition.  Just pick up a paper to see the article in full, along with some letters from concerned local residents in the letters section.   Click here to see the link to the article on Get Surrey.