Last Sunday a group of us spent the afternoon distributing leaflets and talking with visitors to Newlands Corner.  The vast majority of people we spoke with either did not know anything at all about the proposals or thought they just covered new parking charges.

When we explained that the Phase 2 proposal is to site a large new cafe/visitor centre/shopping area at the front of the parking area blocking the view, the reaction was one of shock and concern.  Equal concern was voiced about the introduction of artificial trails.  Almost without exception the reactions to these proposed changes were highly critical and negative.

This confirmed our view that Surrey County Council have not adequately communicated their proposals with those who use the site or asked us what we think!

A big thank you goes to all of you who took the time to talk with us on Sunday.

We intend to repeat this leafletting day again in a few weeks to further share the proposals that Surrey County Council are making.

We are still pressing SCC to give us detailed information on the plans.  So far nothing has been forthcoming.